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The PAO-Q model Sealing machines are customized for the specific requirements of each project, and are cost-performance efficient as well as user friendly.

Cuts and seals directly from the roll with infeed container and outlet conveyor. The operator will manually place the full containers onto the conveyor, from there they automatically will proceed to the sealing station and then to the exit.

The PAO-Q flexibility enables us to ensure that you receive the best quality application to perfectly match your packaging needs. Allows the filling of multicomponent products due to the installation of additional dosing system. As per the specification of the product and technological requirements, the PAO-SQ are manufactured with a different number of workstations (for manual / automatic feeding of the product) and with different types and different numbers of fillers.

The cup filling and sealing machine is operated by a computerized control system PLC.

The adjustment of the cup filling and sealing to different container sizes is fast and easy.

High safety standards.

All product contact parts are stainless steel. The machine is manufactured using stainless steel, anodized aluminum and plastic, all of which conform to CE, FDA, 3A standards for food grade materials.

Customization Options Include:


  • Modified Atmosphere System. Residual oxygen level up to 0.3 - 0.4%.

  • A film marking detection.

  • Fast change over system to different container types and sizes.

  • On the infeed conveyor, it is possible to install dispensers for various components for manual feeding.

  • Labeling equipment integration.

  • Varying data coding devices.

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